Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hello World

Hello... world?

For the first time ever, I've created a blog - firstly because I'm bored at work, but mainly because I want to enter a competition which requires you to submit a blog article (coming soon!)

I'm not sure why I've never blogged before, as I'm quite technical and have a pretty good grasp of the English language (I can talk and argue for Britain!) but I never really know what to talk about on these things, or whether anyone will be interested?!

But apparently it doesn't matter whether anyone reads your posts - Social Networking is proof of that, with thousands of comments about things that mean nothing to most people, and selfies! It's just about putting your thoughts down on paper (or in today's day and age, a webpage) and expressing yourself through the medium of free speech - something we are lucky to have here in England.

I used to write a diary when I was younger, and although that included a lot more personal details than I'm willing to share online, I really enjoyed writing it and reading back through it, so hopefully I'll enjoy this too and keep it up beyond my next blog, which will be on the subject of... my friend Karen's hen do, which I am organising. I'm trying to come up with an interesting and original theme, as a lot of our friends have got married in the past few years, so we've already had personalised T-shirts, sashes, hats, penis accessories (!) and fancy dress cartoon characters (I was Bananaman!)

If anyone is reading this, I hope you'll come back soon and find out what I have in store for Karen...

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